Cash Rummy

Playing games for real cash is one of the most rewarding wins for any player. It makes the game alluring, fun and packed with entertainment that’s hard to ignore. Online rummy is one of the most popular card games that is based completely on skill. Further, it is completely legal to play.

Here is the detailed information for all rummy players on, how to play rummy online with cash on Rummyera.

How to get started with the online rummy platform for real money games:

Get started by playing real cash games by following these simple steps.

Step 1 – Register with platform by putting in your details. Creating account with Rummyera is absolutely FREE!

  • Desired Username
  • Desired Password
  • Personal Email ID

Step 2 – After successful registration, you will be able to access the rummy lobby and start playing practice games. If you are a strong rummy player, you can also move on to play cash games and enjoy the wins that’s added to your account at the time of joining. The different variants of rummy that are available to pick from:

  • Points Rummy
  • 101 Pool Rummy
  • 201 Pool Rummy
  • Deals Rummy

Step 3 – Once you are confident with the game, you can move on to become a cash player. To get started, just ‘Add Cash’ to your account, using the different payment options available. You then pick a cash game from the lobby and get started. The amount you receive when you win any cash game is added to your account and you can withdraw it at any given time you like.

What are different Rummy games which can be played with cash

Rummyera has a range of matches and games to select from. All that a player has to do is identify the game he is comfortable in and then start playing.

Rummy Matches

There are different cash rummy matches running on a regular basis. There are free registration matches as well as low fees matches. The player has to register and book his seat when participating in matches. These matches run for a longer time as compared to cash games. Hence, participate when you have adequate time in hand.

Rummy Variation in cash games

Cash games are more spontaneous and when you have limited time, this is the best option. These games are running continuously on the website and you can pick any one variant. Some of the popular variants of rummy cash games are:

  • Points rummy – 2 players, 6 players
  • Pool rummy – Can be played for 101 points or 201 points
  • Deals rummy – Best of 2 and Best of 6

Benefits of playing online rummy for cash

Rather than getting stuck with gift vouchers that may or may not be useful to you, real cash is always helpful. Here are some of the benefits of playing online rummy games for real money.

  • Competing with the best rummy players from India.
  • Challenging games and big cash.
  • Cash added can be used to play more games or transferred to your account.
  • Big wins options while you add cash in account.
  • Thrill of seeing real money in the account for winning games.
  • Fun way to win extra cash.
  • Lifestyle improvements when you become a cash player.
  • Confidence and memory enhancement with skill based game of rummy on money table.
  • Opportunity to move into higher clubs for expert rummy players with high stake cash games.
  • Quick access to games on mobile and Android app.
  • Instant withdrawal to your account securely.